"One of the best transformative relational workshops I have ever experienced is Family Constellations with Nick Werber" - Pamela M.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Sheen Center For Thought & Culture
Sunday November 3rd, 10am - 5pm
18 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10012

This is a full day workshop dedicated to helping people shift and heal the barriers that are standing in the way of their goals. Using Family Constellations, we’ll explore the role family and ancestry play in the blocks you may be experiencing. This wholly unique way of approaching challenges offers remarkable opportunities to shift, heal, and break the cycles that keep showing up on repeat in your life. Click here to learn more and register for this workshop.


Maha Rose Center for Healing
Saturday December 7th, 12pm - 5pm
97 Green Street, New York NY 11222

Using Family Constellations, a profound group healing process, we’ll uncover how seemingly personal struggles aren’t so simple. Instead, challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, illness and others are often logical outcomes of not only your upbringing, but the events and circumstances surrounding your parents' upbringing, your grandparents' upbringing, or other areas of your larger family tree. This event has yet to be opened for registration, mark your calendar for now.

Maha Rose Center for Healing - Mexico Retreat
Saturday February 15th - Wednesday February 19th
Mazunte, Mexico

Immerse yourself in a deeply healing and memorable winter Family Constellations retreat. This beautiful getaway will offer an experiential journey into an overlooked or misunderstood aspect of the human experience: the effect your family of origin and ancestral history has on your present-day life. Using Family Constellations, we’ll uncover how challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, illness can be created or perpetuated by not only the experiences of your upbringing, but the events that occurred in your larger family tree. Click here to learn more and to register for this retreat..