About Family Constellations, Family Healing Visualization + Bonus Listening Material

Below are a few gifts for newsletter subscribers! First is an audio exercise that can be used to support you whenever you're experiencing challenges with a family member. In the exercise I mention that this is great during the holiday season but in reality it's great year round.

It takes a little less than 8 minutes. Enjoy!

A note:
If you felt this exercise didn't reduce the sensation you located. There's a few things you can do.

  1. You can write me about your experience and I can provide a specific suggestion or two based on your experience

  2. Take a moment to close your eyes, and whatever sensation you were feeling in body, see what comes to mind when you ask yourself, 'what's the most opposite sensation to the one I'm experiencing?' Does that provide you with a new resource? If so, you can visualize that image merging with the area of discomfort. Be open to whatever comes up for you in that process.

Bonus Audio Mediation

This is one of my favorite spoken pieces on the concept of consenting. It speaks to the power of consenting to people and the world as it is. This was originally written by Bert Hellinger and is read by Dr. Michael Picucci: