"That was really a very powerful session for me. My partner has told me at least three times that he sees a difference in my presence/energy - as if a big weight has been lifted or something large has been released." -Brian M.

Private Integrative Coaching / Constellations Sessions

Nick offers private sessions and tools that can make an impact with most any challenge you are faced with. Here's a few examples of the type of issues Nick's practice can help address in individual sessions:

Family problems • Depression • Anxiety • Grief • Relationship issues • Sexual barriers • Trauma • Life Transitions • Life choices / decision making • Finding purpose in life and work • Connecting to emerging needs of customers • Mysterious physical ailments • Conscious eating (Listening to your body) • Feeling stuck • Breaking out of unwanted patterns • Existential Crisis

Note: For Family Constellations, other family members do not need to be present. We work with the image of your family that you carry within you.

90-Day Program: Rewrite Your Inherited Money Story

Nick offers a 90-day program to reinvent how you interact, relate to, spend and save money.

This program includes:

  • Six private Family Constellations sessions intended to:

    • Unearth the root causes of any toxic behaviors or beliefs you have towards money and success.

    • Provide meaningful healing interventions to shift your relationship to work and money today.

  • A brief daily meditation protocol and mantra work designed to enhance the power of the private sessions.

  • Custom exercises to help you move through periods of scarcity with grace and ease.

  • As a bonus, this program also qualifies you for 50% off all group workshops for a full year after the start of the program.

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