"Feeling safe to speak at all with trauma front of mind almost never happens and I think the fact that I was able to was indicative of the safe and positive environment Nick created. Since the session I feel there's quite a lot being excavated" - Mary V.

Nick is an integrative coach in private practice specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. His entry into the healing arts started with Focalizing, a life changing mind-body approach to trauma resolution. Today, he is a leading practitioner and trainer of Focalizing and is a sought after facilitator in NYC and abroad.

Nearly five years into his work as a trauma healer, a mixture of intuition and serendipity moved him to work with several world renowned facilitators of Systemic Family Constellations including Suzi Tucker, Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Sparked by the incredible outcomes he was witnessing in himself and his clients, Nick dedicated himself to this practice and soon became one of the most active Family Constellations facilitators in the Northeast. Nick’s greatest strength is in the sacred space he holds for healing. Those who work with him are given the gentle support they need to allow the deepest aspects of their being to shine.

In addition to his healing practice, Nick worked in digital marketing and publishing for nearly nine years at various agencies and organizations. His experience inspires a particular interest in how people build authentic approaches to their work and connect to the ‘why’ behind work habits.

Nick's Guiding Principles

Every session is unique. However, there are a set of principles that guide all of Nick's sessions. Here are a few:

Absolute Non-Judgment
Before labels, expectations and cultural conditioning, what is simply is. To simply watch without judgment creates space around internal barriers and opens up new possibilities. The state of non-judgment alluded to here can move mountains.

Work from Resource
Mending from the past often includes a sense that you are finding your footing on new ground. To take that step and connect with the person you want to be requires a strong sense that it is safe to do so. To support this, Nick always cultivates the resources required to feel safe in your environment and in your body. The result is that what previously felt like a giant leap ends up being a smaller, more manageable step.

We Walk Together
Nick works with you as an equal. Every person brings with them a body of experience and knowledge that can support healing. To walk together is to honor and include the gifts that you offer to this process.

Overwhelm is the Enemy of Healing
Nick works with gentleness and compassion. Overwhelming your mind or body in an attempt to 'conquer' or 'bust through' an internal barrier rarely leads to a lasting resolution. For this reason, gentleness is vital to the healing process.

Selected Certifications

Certified Integrative Life Coach | Certified by The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T)

Nick’s training and experience has made him a specialist in coaching the conscious and unconscious mind to enable profound change. By working with multiple dimensions of awareness, Nick helps clients engage in powerful processes that can rewrite the patterns that have been keeping them stuck. Instead of creating to-do lists or focusing on willpower, Nick’s work offers an organic method of transmuting the barriers that have kept clients from reaching their goals in the first place.

Certified Family Constellation Facilitator | Trained by Suzi Tucker of the Bert Hellinger Institute, US

Family & Systemic Constellations is an internationally renown approach to healing that's only recently gained popularity in North America. At the center of this work is a deep and expansive answer to the question "who am I?" Family & Systemic Constellations helps you uncover how your present day obstacles are often generations in the making. The way family and ancestry affects your present life is nothing short of astounding. Instead of focusing on the individual, this mode of healing examines the root systems and hidden loyalties that keep you tied to the past. When you see how the systems you belong to are creating or triggering your present issues, a space opens up and you're given an extraordinary opportunity to break these patterns. Nick brings you through this process and then guides you toward creating new patterns that support a healthier and happier future.

Certified Practitioner of Focalizing (CPF) | Trained by Dr. Michael Picucci of The Focalizing Institute

Nick is one of the leading practitioners of Focalizing and is an advisory board member for The Focalizing Institute. This work is an intuitive and dynamic approach to healing holistically. By listening to the body's innate intelligence, you are led to the core barriers that are at the root of what you're struggling with. Once these deeper issues are excavated, Nick facilitates a process for resolution that is as effective as it is gentle. This work is a potent approach to healing in the face of trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression and more. Read more about somatic healing and Focalizing by clicking here. This holistic and meditative approach, combined with family and ancestral healing, is the hallmark of Nick's practice and is what allows him to offer support for clients reporting a wide range of emotional and physical challenges.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training (SEP)

Nick is currently in training as an SEP. Somatic Experiencing is an internationally recognized and leading approach for healing trauma and PTSD. It is actively practiced worldwide and has been more recently used by the VA (Veteran Affairs) in it’s support of soldiers returning from combat. The core of the work focuses on how the effects of trauma live on in the body and mind and how to effectively process these experiences without having to re-live the overwhelm that caused it in the first place.

Other Inspirations

Nick has also been inspired by his experiences of the work of the following facilitators and healers in the field:

Stephan Hausner, Mark Wolynn, Emily Blefeld and Dan Booth Cohen, Marine Sélénée, Ed Lynch, Bill Mannle, Francesca Mason Boring, Ursula Franke


Nick is located in New York City and works privately with individuals in Manhattan at 353 Lexington Ave, Suite 200, New York, NY 10016 and 115 Broadway Suite 1800, New York, NY 10006 and in Brooklyn at 97 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Nick also supports clients online via Zoom / Skype and leads group workshops across the city.