It All Starts With Core Shame

Are you someone who struggles to feel worthy, hounded by shame or guilt? Does it feel like your deepest held beliefs about yourself negatively affect your relationships? Maybe it feels like it’s always been this way.

These are just a few of the ways that it feels when you’re experiencing core shame. Core shame is a feeling. It’s a feeling that becomes thoughts and these thoughts powerfully shape your beliefs and actions. For many people, it’s experienced as a pit inside them that seems impenetrable or immovable no matter what they do or how much time has passed.

Healing the roots of core shame can change everything.

When you heal what’s perpetuating shame in you, it rewrites your story. The narrative your mind has been telling you shifts. And your energy and awareness are free to return to healthy alignment.

Nick Werber is an integrative coach and healer in private practice specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. He helps people like you heal core shame using Family Constellations, Focalizing and several other complementary modalities.

You can heal from shame and step into your power. When you stand in your strength you know you are worthwhile as you are. It’s a felt understanding that your purpose is right in front of you and you no longer need something or someone to complete you.

Are you committed to healing from shame and embracing empowerment? Contact Nick today to setup a consultation.

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • An end to feeling hopelessly stuck in old patterns of being or thinking

  • Lasting improvements in the quality of connection with their family of origin, significant other and/or children

  • Improved health and a reduction of the symptoms of chronic illness

  • Connecting with a deeper sense of purpose, reinventing how they contribute and exist in the world

  • Experiencing clarity around how to best support struggling family members or children

  • An increase in the vitality and energy they bring to life

  • And more...

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What People Are Saying

"I believe this was the one thing missing in my self help journey. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time - clear, strong and focused." - Elaine B.
"For 5 years I was locked in resistance, fear and a victim-mentality regarding relationships. I took action in my situation and those old feelings are gone now." - Maria L.
"Since 1994 I've been on a conscious spiritual journey and I feel that all that work has been leading to what happened in this session. Thank you." - Molly A.

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