The Trans-Generational Effects of Slavery

Another training weekend complete. Like all the others, without any conscious decision by the organizers or students, a clear theme emerged:

This weekend's sessions repeatedly brought up the trans-generational effects of slavery.

For many people, opening a constellation and working 3,4,5 generations back means working directly with slavery.

To be a white male and to step into the position of authority that comes with facilitating a family system session with slavery is highly sensitive. However, I want to specifically encourage all white and otherwise privileged healers to go there. To push that threshold within yourself in whatever modality you work in even if it's clumsy at first. To look at your own connection to slavery and to find a place to stand where you can be a resource for others in the shadow of this collective history.

There's a need for this for so many reasons. But one of them is that the 'healing' community is just like the country in the sense that it's incredibly segregated. There's a lot work to be done to make healing centers and workshops safe and accessible to everyone and this is part of that work.

Fear and guilt are blocking the system and its individuals from looking at slavery. That's what makes it hard. So this an instance where people have to really bring their resources in to help them wade through that resistance to see what's on the other side.

Everyone reading this already knows you can't heal what you refuse to look at. At this time there's a grave urgency for the transgenerational effects of slavery to be seen.

Nick Werber