Podcast Feature On The Wellness Crossing Podcast With Kami Lingren

I'm SO excited to announce that I've been featured on the Wellness Crossing Podcast with Kami Lingren (@kamichristina). To listen, click here: http://livinggraceblog.com/family-constellation-therapy/

On this podcast, Kami and I spoke about my work with Integrative Coaching, Focalizing and Family Constellations and how family history plays a role in the process of healing from chronic illness.

We also touched on a subject near and dear to me which is that healing is found in authentically moving away from blaming our families and doing the work that allows us to take responsibility for our lives.

Of course, this doesn't mean we don't speak our truth. But blame isn't the end goal.

Take a listen, Kami is a really kind and gentle soul and it's well worth your time to check out all the work she's doing around self-care, Reiki, and life after chronic illness.

In addition to being available at the link above, it's on iTunes, Google Play and Sticher for your listening pleasure.

Nick Werber