Jackie D.

“When I showed up I was working with issues of fear around creativity in relation to work/career, and I’m happy to report that I’m going back to college in the fall for art education. I’ve struggled for quite a few years now, knowing I wanted to change careers but not able to commit to a new path. I feel so good and grounded on this one, without fear, with a lot of excitement for the future and a new feeling of peace in my life because I now feel centered on my path. I feel the constellation work was quite literally life changing for me.”

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Nick Werber
Victoria B.

“When we worked together I was in one of the scariest episodes of depression and anxiety I had ever experienced. It was so hard for me to face the broken relationship I had with my parents and how the same themes were repeating themselves in other relationships. I always assumed they never loved me, but you helped me see it from a very different perspective. I feel a lot more authentic understanding now. And now that it’s been three months I’m seeing some profound shifts in my relationship to my children and my siblings. The communication is way more honest and loving now. My heart is full, thank you.”

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Nick WerberVictoria B
Brian M.

"That was really a very powerful session for me. My partner has told me at least three times that he sees a difference in my presence/energy - as if a big weight has been lifted or something large has been released. In parallel I’m also feeling much more at home in my sense of my family. I’m relating to my grandfather in particular in a new way which means a lot to me. I always knew there was a connection there and now I realize just how deep it actually goes. I’m enjoying my integration process.”

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