The Rebel's Dilemma

Whatever you do, I do the opposite
Whatever you believe, I believe something different
If you say left, I go right
If you say up, I go down
If you are poor, I'll be rich
If you are conservative, I'll be progressive
If you are ignorant, I'll be conscious
If you never left your town, I'll travel the world
If you struggle to express your feelings, I'll master the language of the heart
If you think you're unworthy, I'll be special
If you fear the world, I'll dive in head-first
If you pinch pennies, I'll spend freely
If you are a drinker, I'll be sober
If you're stuck in your ways, I'll be spontaneous
If you are loud, I'll be quiet
If you neglected me, I'll smother mine

You are my family
I am your daughter, son, brother, sister or grandchild
I've spent a lifetime devoted to being what you aren't
I've been seeking who I am without you
But I haven't moved an inch outside your sphere
It's the rebel's dilemma
Because the inspiration behind my choices is always the same

Nick Werber