Exercise: Are You Experiencing The Effects of Inherited Trauma?

Today I've been inspired to create a visual adaptation of an exercise that Mark Wolynn shared a conference he spoke at called Science and Non-Duality 2017. I love this exercise and feel it can have a profound effect for people.

The exercise takes about 5-8 minutes and boils down to a set of questions. Take a moment to think about each answer and find what feels true to you. As you answer, simply notice what becomes present in your mind and body.  And although it's only a few questions, I suggest you write your answers down as you go.

The intention of this exercise is to provide a method of uncovering whether or not you are experiencing the presence of inherited family trauma. Of course, not all trauma is ancestral. Adult (recent events), childhood or in-utero trauma are also possible origins. But you'll get a feel for whether or not the experience lives in your family history from the exercise itself. Lastly, due to the subject matter, I suggest you do this in a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted.

Simply click on the slides below as you complete each step. If you're on a phone, turn your phone sideways to enlarge the text.

Further support:

If you felt a connection between your personal experience and your family history as a result of this exercise, write me about it. I can provide a background around how it can be addressed for not only your benefit, but for the benefit of your descendants.

¹ Transgenerational transmission of cortisol and PTSD risk

Nick Werber