New Workshop at The Narayana Integrative Center

Family & Ancestral Healing Workshop

Narayana Integrative Center

Location: Narayana Integrative Center
Address: 191 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint BK
Date: Sunday, February 11th
Time: 1-5pm
Link to register: Narayana Center Mind Body Enrollment

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Full Workshop Description

 “A human being is part of the whole… [though] he experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” – Albert Einstein

The latest research in the field of Epigenetics shows that trauma experienced by one generation can be passed down to children, grandchildren and beyond. A family history that includes war, illness, abuse or the emotional toll of an unexpected death does not end with the ancestors that experienced it. Instead, it lives on in the descendants until these experiences are acknowledged and given the space for healing. It's for this reason that an essential part of what keeps many of us in cycles of suffering is that we struggle to see that our challenges are not solely our own.

Using Systemic Family Constellations, a groundbreaking healing modality, we will examine the deepest often ignored aspects of who we are and where we come from. We'll examine the long-tail effects transgenerational suffering has on our coping mechanisms, how we support ourselves, who we bond with, how we use money and where we feel safe in the world. Once connected with these broader views of who we are, we'll engage in a process that uncovers meaningful resolutions that can profoundly shift the landscape of our lives after the session.

In this eyes-open, experiential approach, the group will be asked to stand and represent people from your family, workplace, or a significant other in your life. As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into a field of consciousness that allows them to become a mirror that reflects back the dynamics you’re exploring. At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising. But as we progress through the workshop, we’ll go beyond creating visual representations of our lives and move towards how we can free ourselves from the entanglements that are wrapped around our potential to receive and experience more from life.

A note: Every person will experience tapping into differing fields of consciousness and will represent for each other in the class. Due to the format and timeframe, it may be the case that one or two attendees will not have a personal constellation done of their family.  However, for the majority of people that participate in this practice the experience of representing for others is as insightful as having a personal constellation. What you are asked to represent is always of significance.

Nick Werber