Returning to Maha Rose For A Family Constellations Workshop: Work Money & the Soul

Maha Rose

Family & Ancestry Healing Workshop
Saturday July 28th
Time: 10:30a - 2:30p
Location: Maha Rose Center of Healing, 97 Green St Brooklyn, NY 11222
Exchange: $65
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Back by popular demand, I'll be doing another workshop on the relationships we have to work and money. We will examine the often overlooked ways our family and upbringing deeply shapes how we work, whether we save money or not, the types of jobs we are attracted to, and how we interact with our bosses or our clients/customers. From there, we'll move from insight to action and begin to connect to practical ways of shifting these patterns so that we are freer to connect with our intentions at work and outside of work.

This workshop sold out last time it was held. To make sure you can attend, register in advance!

Full Workshop Description

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Have you ever stopped to examine why you work the way you do? Do you struggle to find work that pays fairly and fulfills you at the same time? Have you tried to improve your work situation by switching jobs or career paths only to find that you’re running into the same problems with your new boss and coworkers? Or perhaps you’ve started a business but the vulnerability of promoting yourself has you feeling frozen?

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. Many people encounter mysterious internal and external barriers in the workplace. And despite a change of office or changing fields of work completely, they still find themselves fighting the same battles to feel respected, worthy, and be fulfilled by their work.

Using Systemic Constellations, a groundbreaking healing modality, this workshop will hone in on how your experiences at work are deeply connected to often overlooked aspects of your upbringing, your family and even your family’s history.

This isn’t casual observation. Systemic Constellations are supported by two decades of Epigenetics research which has repeatedly shown that what your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents experienced in life impacts how you move and act in the world today.

In this eyes-open, experiential approach, fellow participants will be asked to stand and represent aspects of your workplace, money, or specific people in your life and family. As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into a field of consciousness that allows them to become a mirror that reflects back the dynamics you’re exploring. At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising. But as we progress through the workshop, we’ll go beyond creating visual representations of your life and move towards how you can free yourself from the entanglements that are wrapped around your potential to receive and experience more from your work.
Some of the intentions of this workshop:

  • Engage in a process of connecting with consciousness that is beyond the ordinary

  • Uncover the areas of your work and family system that are unhealed, unseen or unacknowledged so that they may be worked with in conscious awareness

  • Break the unconscious patterns that pull you toward recreating echoes of the past in your present day life

  • Offer practical steps to move forward with strength to make meaningful and positive shifts in your life outside of the workshop

A note: Every person will experience tapping into differing fields of consciousness and will represent for each other in the class. Due to the format and time frame, it may be the case that one or two attendees will not have a personal constellation done of their work environment or family. However, for the vast majority of people that engage in this work, the experience of representing for others is just as insightful as having a personal constellation. What you represent is always of significance. There are no coincidences.

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