Headed to Tarrytown for Stephan Hausner Family Constellations Workshop

Tonight I'm headed up to Tarrytown for Stephan Hausner's Family Constellations weekend workshop. Stephan's focus is how Family Constellations can provide healing resource for people with chronic illnesses of unknown origin.

His work shows us that our early relationships to our parents and the traumatic events in our family's history can have a profound impact on the health of our bodies throughout our lives.

Stephan was one of the main teachers of one of my teachers, Dan Cohen. As Dan puts it, Stephan works primarily with the mother wound.

In this field of work, your body and your mother are inextricably connected. First of all, we all start from a place where our body and our mother's body are one and the same. The stress she feels and the grief she may have experienced becomes information we receive in the womb.

But this transference of information continues after birth. Our relationship to our mother continues to directly affect our bodies and minds throughout our lives.

For some people, working in Family Constellations and repairing the wounding with mom actually changes their health. Sometimes it's a matter of learning how to nurture yourself in the way you weren't nurtured. Sometimes it's about finding gratitude where there had been long-standing barriers of resentment, rejection or anger. This process and journey is unique for each person.

I personally have found Family Constellations to have had a positive impact on digestive issues I had struggled with for years. So this weekend I'm excited and curious to watch one of the leading facilitators in the field of chronic illness.

More updates to come!

(Image By Arden Wong, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18069295)

Nick Werber