Returning from the North American Family Constellations Intensive

I’m on my way home from the Systemic Constellations Intensive. Metro-North to Brooklyn on the Poughkeepsie line. Has anyone ridden this line before? It’s stunningly beautiful - I’m just like... what state am I in?

As I contemplate the Intensive, one thing is clear: I’m returning as a new person. The healing work that was done for me, and the work I supported for others was so expanding.

I had a session done about a block I have in my own facilitation and learned something profound about myself that shifts how I hold my identity. It ’s a tip-off that when the healer is blocked about something, there ’s likely something going on that relates to their own systems like their family of origin.

Well, the most I can share at this time is opening up a session about it didn’t disappoint! 😊

Aside from my personal work I just feel so affirmed that Family Constellations is so deep and so versatile. There is no end to the journey of mastering this work. And it’s such a treat to watch facilitators from all over the world bringing their own style and vision to it.

Thank you to my fellow facilitators in the mentoring group. That was a wild ride. And thank you to the Intensive faculty!

📷 sign in the woods outside the Intensive

Nick Werber