Our Bodies Are Our Most Accessible Point of Entry to the Healing Properties of Nature

Our bodies are our most accessible point of entry to the healing properties of nature.

I recently read an article where people were successfully being treated for chronic depression by going on regular hikes in the woods.

I’ve experienced this countless times: nature heals.

There ’s a reason looking out at a forest from a high vantage point gives you a sudden sense of being able to take a deep and restoring breath.

There’s a reason why staring up at the stars on a clear night gives you peace.

Natural space is healing. And it’s not just the organic physical world in front of you, but the space in between everything. The greater space we take in the more healing it is. The smaller we are in the space the more peace naturally bubbles up within us.

So what can you do when you don’t live in the woods or on a beach?

Cultivate your ability to make space within your body.

When I work with people, I show them how to create a felt sense of space in their bodies that allows healing movement to occur. As soon as they give the emotions and physical sensations entangled with a ‘problem’ the space it needs to be, it begins to move and change.

Your body is an access point to the healing properties of nature because your body *is* nature.

This is why simply bringing your attention to the rise and fall of your breathing or the felt sense of your feet on the floor immediately shifts your mental state.

You are engaging directly with nature when you do this. And nature heals.

Nick Werber