The Journey Back to Wholeness

To be honest, until recently I didn't think of healing as a journey back to wholeness. Lately that's been changing.

At some point, you've probably seen a reference to how our problems come from separation.

There's the concept of 'ego separation' which speaks to how it's an intrinsic property of our ego to create separation from each other and the world around us.

It's also in the story of Adam and Eve. At one point we were part of the garden, but when we ate the forbidden fruit we were cast out (separated). Now we must find our way back to the kingdom (wholeness).

Regardless of how you conceptualize it, there's little doubt that separation is detrimental for us and connection is healing.

Here's how I've been seeing the concept of wholeness the past couple weeks: When we are seeking healing, one of the ways we get easily stuck is when we don't see that the part of us that's resisting change is on the same team as our intention to heal.

Think about a part of you that seems to be resisting your growth/healing/forward movement.

Now ask this: what’s a positive motivation underneath that resistance? Think of a few if you can.

As an example, does resisting change allow you to feel safe? Does it support you financially or allow you to feel secure? What else could be positive intentions underneath the resistance?

You may need to sit with it for some more time but to share a hint of where this leads... intentions like feeling safe or secure are vital to the healing process. In other words, it's impossible to heal if you feel you’re in danger.

So for example, instead of framing a need to stay safe as resistance, on a deeper level it can be seen as the part of you that’ll ensure you feel safe and open enough to receive what you need when it's time.

Similarly, what are some of the deeper intentions underneath your desire to heal? If you meditate on this you're likely to find that these deeper intentions are similar (or identical) to the resistance's intentions.

So what does that mean? Underneath the appearance of two parts in conflict is one part seeking a single goal.

It’s the journey from separation to wholeness.

Photo by @_ashleywood

Nick Werber