So funny, I bumped into this quote right after I put up my last post about wholeness.

It may sound counterintuitive, but when we bring opposing feelings, emotions or energies together, it can create dramatic healing.

In a sense, it’s like we’re returning two separated pieces back together so that they can balance each other and create a powerful third experience.

Here’s how to try it yourself:

Close your eyes and think about something that’s creating resistance or represents a barrier for you. Once you visualize it for a moment, notice how your body feels, can you locate a place of tension or movement that seems to get activated by visualizing the issue?

Once you locate it, now visualize an experience or connect to a feeling that represents the exact opposite experience of the resistance or block that you just pictured.

If your barrier was about being stuck working long hours, the opposite image might be a memory of being in nature, or picturing yourself flying, or traveling.

Notice how this new opposite image feels in your body and locate where you feel it most.

Next, gently invite the sensation you just located in your body to move towards the place where you felt the resistance or barrier expressing itself physically.

Have the second feeling or energy move towards the first feeling and when they meet, visualize and feel the two gently merging and mixing at the edges.

Let both feelings mix completely and notice if you get a third image or third feeling. Allow however they mix to be the perfect way for them to combine.

If it went smoothly, you’ve just completed a piece of energy work that can dramatically change emotions and thoughts. Repeat as necessary.

When you’re feeling stuck or struggling with something try merging opposing energies. Your body and mind will thank you.

Nick Werber