The Cyclical Nature of Your Story

Are you someone who seems to continually attract certain types of people or situations that cause havoc in your life? Do you notice that aspects of your experience with your family of origin keep showing up in romantic relationships, at work or as barriers to your goals?

Does it feel like you’re stuck acting out a script that keeps repeating itself?

If so, then you’re becoming aware of the nature of how personal history reemerges in present experience. And contrary to popular belief, the problem is not that it’s here now. The root of the issue is in what has gone unacknowledged to bring you to this point in your life.

You can make peace with the past and end the cycle.

When you step out of patterns of blame, shame and various forms of conflict with the past, you step into a creative space where you’re free to write a new story. Better yet, this healing process becomes not only a gift for you, but for future generations who won’t have to bear the same burdens.

Nick Werber is an integrative coach in private practice specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. He helps people like you heal from the past and change their lives using Family Constellations, Focalizing and several complementary modalities.

Are you committed to rewriting the script and embracing a sense of purpose in your life? Contact Nick today to setup a consultation.

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • An end to feeling hopelessly stuck in old patterns of being or thinking

  • Lasting improvements in the quality of connection with their family of origin, significant other and/or children

  • Improved health and a reduction of the symptoms of chronic illness

  • Connecting with a deeper sense of purpose, reinventing how they contribute and exist in the world

  • Experiencing clarity around how to best support struggling family members or children

  • An increase in the vitality and energy they bring to life

  • And more...

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What People Are Saying:

"I believe this was the one thing missing in my self help journey. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time - clear, strong and focused." - Elaine B.
"For 5 years I was locked in resistance, fear and a victim-mentality regarding relationships. I took action in my situation and those old feelings are gone now." - Maria L.
"Since 1994 I've been on a conscious spiritual journey and I feel that all that work has been leading to what happened in this session. Thank you." - Molly A.