"I believe this was the one thing missing in my self help journey. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time - clear, strong and focused." - Elaine B.


Nick Werber is an integrative coach, healer and teacher who offers support using modern healing approaches like Family Constellations, Focalizing and more. Instead of focusing solely on the visible symptoms of personal challenges, Nick's process seeks to uncover the source.

Issues like depression, feeling stuck, anxiety, or guilt are often sign-posts that point to deeper and perhaps longstanding disconnects. Through this lens, Nick supports you in going deeper and compassionately healing at the root level. What can unfold is not only freedom from a particular symptom or issue, but a chance to make a broader positive impact across the landscape of your life.

For further reading about the specific modes of healing Nick integrates, click the following links regarding Family Constellations and Focalizing.

The Benefits of The Work

Through this healing process, clients have experienced:

  • An end to feeling hopelessly stuck in old patterns of being or thinking

  • Lasting improvements in the quality of connection with their family of origin, significant other and/or children

  • Improved health and a reduction of the symptoms of chronic illness

  • Connecting with a deeper sense of purpose, reinventing how they contribute and exist in the world

  • Experiencing clarity around how to best support struggling family members or children

  • An increase in the vitality and energy they bring to life

  • And more...

Nick's Guiding Principles

Every session is unique. However, there are a set of principles that guide all of Nick's sessions. Here are a few:

Absolute Non-Judgment
Before labels, expectations and cultural conditioning, what is simply is. To simply watch without judgment creates space around internal barriers and opens up new possibilities. The state of non-judgment alluded to here can move mountains.

Work from Resource
Mending from the past often includes a sense that you are finding your footing on new ground. To take that step and connect with the person you want to be requires a strong sense that it is safe to do so. To support this, Nick always cultivates the resources required to feel safe in your environment and in your body. The result is that what previously felt like a giant leap ends up being a smaller, more manageable step.

We Walk Together
Nick works with you as an equal. Every person brings with them a body of experience and knowledge that can support healing. To walk together is to honor and include the gifts that you offer to this process.

Overwhelm is the Enemy of Healing
Nick works with gentleness and compassion. Overwhelming your mind or body in an attempt to 'conquer' or 'bust through' an internal barrier rarely leads to a lasting resolution. For this reason, gentleness is vital to the healing process.

Let's Keep in Touch

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